The acronym DAISY means Digital Accessible Information System [www.daisy.org]. DAISY contains the technical standard which libraries for the blind all over the world offer in cooperation with the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and representatives of people with reading difficulties, to supply people with print disabilities with literature.

The major goal of the international DAISY Consortium is to offer any information at the time of publication, in a format which is accessible for all, comfortably to handle and cost-neutral. Based on the UNO convention for the protection of the rights of disabled people, the core principle “Access to information is a fundamental human right” is the focus of all IFLA and DAISY activities.

The realization of these ambitious goals means familiarizing many developers and user groups with the DAISY technology, to develop offers further and to form an extensive dialogue between the providers and the users of information. DAISY applications are used throughout the world, also in developing countries. Internationally, there are already 200,000 DAISY books which are available in libraries for visually impaired and print disabled people.

In addition to internet, DAISY is the most important internationally developed and globally used information technology for people with significant reading difficulties. DAISY provides:

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